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Grind Episode One – Finance

My thoughts on finance, keep it simple during start-up, you will have plenty of time for complexity once you are a sustainable enterprise, but we have to get you there first.

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You’re Not Just a Student – Lisa Sauve

Sometimes we’re the last ones to see and appreciate our own growth and potential. This is true for a lot of students who are becoming adults. Transitioning into the professional world is strange when you’ve been a kid your whole life. But the work you’ve put into school and jobs and learning about life hasn’t …more

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Organizations Can Do More Than Individuals – Christie Wong Barrett

When you form a company the goal is to create something that will have a bigger impact on the world than you could have as an individual. It’s up to you what that impact looks like. For some people that means money. But impact is about more than money. Whether your goal is to dismantle …more

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Raising Money Isn’t the Point – Alisyn Malek

Nothing makes me feel worse about myself than reading about somebody else’s giant fundraising success. Since revenue numbers for private companies aren’t public information, fundraising PR is the best way to pick at that scab of self doubt sitting in my subconscious. And I know it’s not the thing that matters. I know this. But …more

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